Dreaming of Pavis…

So the news has slipped out on the World of Glorantha Yahoo list that the Pavis book will be with us come Dragonmeet this November.  The second book, about the Big Rubble will follow shortly after.

On this day of looking after sick kids and doing never ending rounds of dishwashing (oh how I miss our dishwasher!), I find my mind drawn to simpler times in my early ventures into Glorantha via Pavis & The Rubble back in ’88.

My character, a low skill ranked hoodlum laden with debt to the fighter’s guild whose name I forget, ran the streets in Pavis.  Without realising he ended up in an Orlanthi revolt, running for his life after dark evading Seven Mothers initiates. He escaped the city, only to find himself in entering the Rubble via the People’s gate in search of the fabled Balastor’s Barracks with only the clothes on his back and the sword in his hand.  He never got there, spotting a couple of Broo on the horizon he made the ill advised move of preparing his Bladesharp spell. While this magic gave him the edge in a bloody and savage fight, he was slain when he went to loot the bodies and was attacked by a disease spirit that one of the Broo’s was carrying.

Happy days 🙂

One thought on “Dreaming of Pavis…”

  1. My first ever introduction to Glorantha was Pavis, and RQ2. Random char gen had given me someone with the minimum possible size for a human, more random char gen had determined that she had been refused entry to the performers’ guild but had been accepted by the thieves’ guild. Instant background, community, and motive (revenge on the lot who threw her out). Those were the days.
    Now, of course, we’re much more sophisticated. Twenty-five years on, I run a campaign… in the Rubble, mostly 🙂
    I wonder if I could fit that first ever PC in as a minor NPC here? I hadn’t thought about her for years.

    It’s difficult to see what a new publication can add to Pavis: it started as one of the best settings ever, and the RQ3 version in RoC (my usual reference) is about as complete for the New City as anyone could need. I’ll be interested to see what they come up with.

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