A little Lunar reading

A video-post this one. In prepration for finishing off Gloranthan Adventures 2 Red Sun Rising, I thought it be fun to dig out the small pile of books I have on the Lunar Empire/Dara Happan empire. So up into the attic I went and these short videos run through what I found.

Part 1 (5.56 mins) Covers: Introduction to Glorantha (HeroWars), The Glorious Reacent of Yelm The Fortunate Succession, The Entekosiad, Champions of the Red Moon.

Part 2 (7.16 mins) Covers: Shreads of Light and Reason, Dara Happa Stirs, Sun County, The Unspoken Word’s Map of the Lunar Empire.

Note to Gloranthan Pedants: Yup I may get some of the details, such as creditation, wrong but hey I was runnning from memory. I will post any corrections at the bottom of this post. Also yes I’m missing a few titles, they’re in storage at my mother’s at present ;)

Note to Gloranthan New commers : Don’t worry you don’t need all these books to run/understand Red Sun Rising. I’m rereading them to make sure RSR is not too jarring with ‘accepted’ cannon and so I can slot in the fun bits :)

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