Hearts in Glorantha issue 6

Here’s the final content’s list for Hearts in Glorantha issue 6

  • Cover Feature: The Balkoth Tribe by Stuart Moushir-Harrison.
  • Blows against the Empire by David Dunham. HeroQuest adventure in the Second Age.
  • Dead Mans Scrolls by Newt Newport. A nautical adventure with a piratical theme for HeroQuest.
  • Light and Death by Neil Smith. A HeroQuest adventure set in the Lunar Heartlands in the City of Rhianbath.
  • Tricksers Camp by Stuart Godbolt A RuneQuest 3 adventure location.

I’m aiming for a July/August release to coincide with Hearts in Glorantha’s fifth birthday :)

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  1. Hardy says:

    Where is it?! Where’s VI

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