We have Joy!

Couple of previews for Jamie “Trotsky” Revell’s Book of Glorious Joy, for which I’m aiming for a Jan/Feb release next year.

Cover by Jon Hodgson

The Four Malkioni Classes by Peter Town

Full Contents

Part 1. Heroes of Malkion

  • Introduction – Overview of the West
  • Keeping the Faith – Mythology, history, and occupational keywords.
  • The Divine Word – Cults of the west

Part 2. The Kingdom of Loskalm

  • Overview of the Kingdom of Loskalm – It’s history, culture and major personalities.
  • The Idealist Church of Loskalm. A big write up of Loskalm’s religons.
  • Gazetterof Loskalm – A full guide to Loskalm and its provinces.
  • commonly encountered Non Player Characters.
  • The Parish of Haut Ussle -an example community.

Lords of the North West – four sessions in

Our infrequent game of Gloranthan Knights and Wizards hit session four last Sunday. We’re playing in Kingdom of Loskalm, Land of the Hrestoli Idealists, although session 3 saw us hop over the border to wild and woolly Jurona. In this green and pleasant the land, with the occasional chilly patch, the player heroes started off as adopted ‘peasants’ working their way through the Bording Farm to toughen them up to become Soliders, which they successfully did by the end of session 2 and they are now currently Soliders of the Provincial Army of Pomas. Future episodes will see them progress up the Loskalmi social ladder through the higher ranks of the Knight class, the magical mysteries of the Wizard class and finally up to the heady heights of the Lord class.

I’m really liking playing in the Gloranthan West. Since all the characters are Sorcery using Atheists – ok so they follow the Invisible God but every one knows its a sum expression of logical laws of magical reality in Glornatha – there’s no ‘God/Goddess of the week’ syndrome. In short its a break from the Gloranthan norm of “101 Gods whose names/mythology I can’t remember”.

The HeroQuest 2nd edition rules are really groking with our group, and we are beginning to squeeze the most out of the game engine. Lingering benefits/penalties, were if you win/lose a contest the effects carry over until you lose/win your next contest, got the spot light this session. Oh and we had many occasions where the players failed their contests. Sure hero points bail you out,flattening out fumbles to simple fails, but the ‘I win, I Win and I WIN AGAIN’ syndrome of HQ1 is truly gone.

Plus we’ve got some new players in the group which is making us rock harder and upping the fun quotient :D

Sartar now available

Quick catch up on what’s going on in the wider world of Gloranthan publishing before a post about what’s happening in our happy fan bit of the pond 😉

Well the big news of the decade, if not the last 30 years , for 3rd Age Glorantha is Moon Designs release of “Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes”.

  • Sartar Kingdom of Heroes on Glorantha.com

Its all part of Moon Design’s reboot of the Gloranthan setting after the release of HeroQuest 2, and its a big chunk of Glorantha detailing the Orlanthi of Dragon pass, their lifestyle, character gen, clan generator, cults and magic and a 100 pages of epic adventure. Take it from me this is a pick up and play book, both in the sense that a newcomer could grasp it and play it with their group and in the fact that all the stuff is there in one place for us old hands to grasp. Oh and its copiously and gloriously illustrated with COLOUR MAPS!

But don’t take my word for it,

Here’s a review by Pete Nash, author of BRP Rome

and here’s a video clip, filmed by Darran Sims at last weekend’s Dragonmeet, of Jeff talking you through the book.