All submissions should be made to the Editor at

First off write a short synopsis of your article, five hundred words maximum, and send it to me. Then if I like your idea I’ll ask you to submit the full piece.

Submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Be robustly self-edited and shown to a friend for feedback before submission.
  • Be in Microsoft Word  doc/.docx or OpenOffice .odf or .txt format with clear headings.
  • Do not attempt to layout the submission.
  • No pdfs.
  • Use only current Gloranthan publications, i.e. The Guide to Glorantha, Sartar Kingdom of Heroes, Sartar Companion, Pavis Gateway To Adventure,  Yes. Old Issaries Publications such as Orlanth is Dead, Storm Tribe, Lunar Imperial Handbooks No.
  • If in doubt use the information in The Guide to Glorantha as ultimate author reference.
  • No academic style references in text. By all means have a list of references at the end of the article.
  • Currently we only have a license to publish for HeroQuest Glorantha, so please make your submission either systemless or for HQ G.  Do not submit material with HeroWars/HeroQuest 1st Edition stats.

Submissions should be 300dpi images.

I do not accept unsolicited submissions, but if you are interested in contributing please mail me with examples of your work and/or a link to a portfolio.

It is also useful to contact me before hand to see what is planned for the next issue.

You will receive a printed and pdf copy of the issue your work appears in.

Copyright remains with the author/artists. Moon Design and it Licensees have the right to use any Gloranthan concepts in this magazine. Glorantha is owned by Moon Design Publications and is used here with permission.

How this Copyright Statement Works
In plain English, what the above means is that Moon Design and its Licensees has the right to use the concept and Moon Design owns the Proprietary Material (ie the stuff that Greg and Issaries has written over the years). But they do not have the right to just take material others have written and say it is theirs.

For example, if Simon writes a story about the Boatspeople of Kethaela, Moon Design and its Liscensees have the right to use the concepts, people, places and ideas in the story. But they do not have the right to print the story itself without Simon’s permission.