I’m involved in organising the games at Furnace a small RPG convention held 18-19th October in Sheffield UK.

I’m trying to sort out a ‘Gloranthan Games’ track, which basically means that we have at least one Gloranthan game in each of the five slots, so if someone wants to come play in Glorantha all weekend or try out at least one game they can. I don’t mind what system is used.

So far I have three games

Rumble in the Rubble a game for HeroQuest 2
The Great Duck Point Boat Race
The Tomb of the Empty Emperor a D100 game

So I need a couple more GMs at least to reach my goal. More would be great! I’ve also got a small library of prewritten con adventures that people can run if they don’t want to write their own.

If you are interested get in touch with me at mrnewt@gmail.com

More info on Furnace at www.rpgfurnace.com.

The games in detail.

Rumble in the Rubble
A HeroQuest 2 for up to 10 players by Newt Newport
Saturday morning

A quick raid into the hostile Big Rubble, to grab treasure, rescue
captives and learn lost secrets, using the new HeroQuest 2nd Edition
rules. Play will be quick and fun. Avoid paying treasure tax to the
Lunar authorities, being used for target practice by Zebra nomads,
crushed by Trolls, poisoned by Elves, or turned into oozing chaos
things by Primal Chaos.

An introductory game. No previous knowledge of the system or setting needed.

The Great Duck Point Boat Race
The system that it uses As rules-lite as possible. Snakes & Ladders
for the crunchy bits. By Jane Williams

A valuable trade route has become available and various factions are
competing for it. Since the Lunar Governor of Duck Point likes to
support quaint and harmless traditional local customs, this monopoly
will go to the faction that can win the Boat Race, along a route that
starts and ends in the city of Duck Point, but also passes through the
Upland Marsh, with the obvious hazards. You will control one of these
factions, and after a period of negotiation, bribery, sabotage of
opposing teams, and so on, will send your chosen team out onto the
water.Factions known to be competing so far are some Orlanthi (rebels?
surely not!), some Trolls, the Ducks, and the Lunar army (represented
by the First Pavis Ballista). If there’s some other group you feel
ought to be in there, go right ahead and make them up.

Look, it’s got ducks and baboons in it. Yes, those baboons. This
probably gives you some idea how seriously to take it.

The Tomb of the Empty Emperor
A Gloranthan SimpleQuest game for six players written by Newt Newport
and run by Neil Ford.

Everyone in Dara Happa knows that the Empty Emperor was a false
Emperor who seized power during the Greater Darkness brought the evil
of Chaos to the Empire. That he was destroyed when the light of Yelm
returned to the world and the rightful Dara Happan Emperor mounted the
Celestial Footstool, that his very palace was crushed under a meteor
pulled from the Skydome becoming his Tomb.

Now in the Third Age your party of adventurers enter the Tomb to find
treasure and secrets lost in the time of the Empty Emperor.

This is a Gloranthan Heresy Game. Imagine that back in the good old
RQ2 days, that Greg & co had written Cults of the Sun instead of Cults
of Prax and “Raibanth and the Grand Debris” has just been released.
Plucky Sun worshipping Dara Happans fight the repressive (and
downright sleazy) Lunar Empire to oust the false Red Emperor and
return Dara Happa to the rule of the rightful Solar Emperor. This one
of the adventures included in this ‘Solar Pak’. Dungeon bashing done
D100 style with Gloranthan Mega Gaming Fun.

No previous knowledge of the system or setting needed.