So far the following articles have been submitted for issue 2.

  • Happiness is Dragonewt Shaped, a RQ3 adventure by John Ossoway.
  • Deeper and Why the Ocean is Foggy by Nick Davison.
  • The Dundealos tribe by Jeff Richard.
  • Saint Magrat of the Harpies & The Harpies of Ice Mountain by David Lloyd.
  • The Bestiary of Ashkoran The Tamer by John Harding, a piece about the fearsome Jack O’Bear.
  • Itunkala’s Trade a traditional Bison Riders song by John Harding
  • Songs of Rebellion, Lunar (Darjinni) Herobands and fiction by Mark Galeotti
  • When the snow lay round-about fiction by Jane Williams.

More on the way, which I’ll tell you about when I’ve got the copy.

Also for Issue 2 we have got more artists working on it. Again I’ll post more when I’ve got actual stuff to show. but for now here’s a Dragonewt that John Ossoway, a veritable Renaissance man of gaming, did for his adventure.

Issue 2 should be with you just before XMAS.