Hearts in Glorantha is proud to present the following series of Gloranthan games at Furnace 2008;

  • The Great Duck Point Boat Race, a rules lite game by Jane Williams
  • Rumble in the Rubble, HeroQuest 2 game by Newt Newport
  • The Tomb of the Empty Emperor, a SimpleQuest game by Newt Newport, run by Neil Ford
  • Escorting the Goddess, a HeroQuest 2 by Newt Newport
  • Happiness is Dragonnewt Shapped by John Ossoway, run by Neil Ford

Five games packed with Gloranthan fun at Furnace 2008, suitable for new comers, which means you can come along and play in Glorantha all weekend.

Put together by myself and regular Hearts in Glorantha contributors Jane Williams and John Ossoway. Note most of these adventures will make it into future issues of HiG.  Happiness is Dragonnewt Shapped is all done and ready for issue 2.

For more details about the games, read on.

The Great Duck Point Boat Race

A a rules lite Gloranthan game for six players max by Jane Williams. A new trade route has become available in Lunar-occupied Duck Point. According to Duck tradition, it will be competed for by means of the Great Boat Race, along a route that takes you through the Upland Marsh (home of Delecti the Necromancer, and other hostile beings). You play one of the many factions, (Duck, Lunar, Orlanthi, Troll) who would like to control this trade route, or take part in the Race for some other reason. Once you’ve obtained a boat and a crew (despite all the other players trying to sabotage your efforts), we move to the Great Race, and start playing Snakes and Ladders with complications.

Do not let the Governor’s Wife catch you cheating! You do not need to know the rules (I made them up, and they’re a mix of Snakes and Ladders and HOTT, used for roleplaying purposes, and using D4s).

While this is a collection of Gloranthan in-jokes, Gloranthan newbies played it and enjoyed it (and won it!) at Continuum. Some pre-gen factions will be provided, but most people prefer to create their own. If you wanted to bring along a complete party of existing PCs from any system, that would be fine.

Rumble in the Rubble

A HeroQuest 2 for up to 10 players by Newt Newport

A quick raid into the hostile Big Rubble, to grab treasure, rescue captives and learn lost secrets, using the new Hero- Quest 2nd Edition rules. Play will be quick and fun. Avoid paying treasure tax to the Lunar authorities, being used for target practice by Zebra nomads, crushed by Trolls, poisoned by Elves, or turned into oozing chaos things by Primal Chaos.

An introductory game. No previous knowledge of the system or setting needed.

The Tomb of the Empty Emperor

A Gloranthan SimpleQuest game for six players written by Newt Newport and run by Neil Ford.

Everyone in Dara Happa knows that the Empty Emperor was a false Emperor who seized power during the Greater Darkness brought the evil of Chaos to the Empire. That he was destroyed when the light of Yelm returned to the world and the rightful Dara Happan Emperor mounted the Celestial Footstool, that his very palace was crushed under a meteor pulled from the Skydome becoming his Tomb.

Now in the Third Age your party of adventurers enter the Tomb to find treasure and secrets lost in the time of the Empty Emperor.

This is a Gloranthan Heresy Game. Imagine that back in the good old RQ2 days, that Greg & co had written Cults of the Sun instead of Cults of Prax and “Rhaibanth and the Grand Debris” has just been released.Plucky Sun worshipping Dara Happans fight the repressive (and downright sleazy) Lunar Empire to oust the false Red Emperor and return Dara Happa to the rule of the rightful Solar Emperor. This one of the adventures included in this ‘Solar Pak’. Dungeon bashing done D100 style with Gloranthan Mega Gaming Fun. No previous knowledge of the system or setting needed.

Escorting the Goddess

A HeroQuest game for six players by Newt Newport

Lenath Tors is a woman marked for death. Her marriage would bring together two feuding families, ending hundreds of years of clandestine warfare. The heroes must escort her through the crowded Lunar city of Serris avoiding assassins and other unique dangers of their civilisation. Meet the Lunars, one of Glorantha’s greatest and most exotic civilisations. Explore their culture. Learn their customs. Avoid pointless and violent death by appropraitely matching new customs with old traditions. Understand that “We are all Us!”.

Suitable for newcomers, no knowledge of the setting or system required.

Happiness is Dragonewt Shaped.

A SimpleQuest game for six players by John Ossoway run by Neil Ford.

The people of Arnstown have always prided themselves on having good relations with the Dragonewts of Dragon Pass. Superstition has always caused the townsfolk to identify the prosperity of the town with frequent visits to a Dragonewt plinth in nearby Kos Grove by these inscrutable creatures.

Two weeks ago, group of bandits defiled the Kos Grove plinth. The leader of the group, a Lunar Shaman of Jakaleel the Witch called Fen Ella, performed some kind of ritual ceremony which caused a blight to start spreading from the plinth to the surrounding greenery. Already there are signs that the curse has spread beyond the grove. Last week a two headed pig was born at Jonrik’s farm, and only yesterday the corpse of a Broo was found in the river close to the settlement.

Both the pig and the Broo have been burnt, just to be sure.

Its up to the adventurers to put things right by punishing the bandits and appeasing the Dragonnewt’s of Kos Grove.