Been busy busy busy planning , writing and running Gloranthan games as part of the Gloranthan Games track at Furnace.  I’ll do a full update on that later, but suffice to say it all went swimmingly well and my thanks go out to all involved (Jane Williams, John Ossoway and Neil Ford).  I’ll definitely try and get it organised again next Furnace (tentatively Oct 10-11 2009).

While I was away the following slipped in

Darran Sims released his latest One Man and His Dice podcast – The Rune Magic seminar from Continuum 2008.

Mongoose Publishing put up a preview for their Ducks: Guide to the Durulz and have released RuneQuest Ruins of Glorantha .

And talking of ducks, Stu Stansfield submitted his next part of his Duck Kings and Queens list. Here’s a preview picture

King Thunderthroat

King Thunderthroat