Yoinked off the HeroQuest RPG yahoo groop, editor’s André Jarosch announcement, which also details who to get Tradetalk and other Chaos Society publications.

Hello friends

The Chaos Society has had a secure ordering site in the past. It is down since more than a year ago, hence the owner turned off the service of a secure link. During the last 15 month we tried a lot of things to get it running again. Nothing worked out. It is beyond the limits of our technical knowledge to fix it ourselves and beyond our financial resources to let a prefessional service do it for us.

We now decided to switch entirely to PayPal (our website will be adjusted to that shortly), and eBay (have a look at seller thechaossociety).

In the meantime you can buy our products though eBay and through PayPal (no automatric service yet… simply drop me an email, and pay by PayPal after you received a confirmation and invoice).

The prices at eBay and at our Website may be differ to the fact that our Website lists the products in EURO, and includes S&H, and eBay lists the items in GBP, without S&H.

We hope that the differences are only minor after all.

Now to the good thing:

TRADETALK # 16 is available!

– Characters of Love – by Jane Williams, Donald R. Oddy & André Jarosch have put 24 characters of Penelope Love´s novels into HeroQuest stats, including descriptions, and history. Now YOUR PCs can actually meet them during the (early) HeroWars period.
– An outline of a Timeline by André Jarosch, with Jane Williams. Get the events of Penelope Love´s novels in chronological order.
– The Path of the Damned by Andrew Graham (based upon informations provided by Mariano Krasmanski, Guillermo Ortiz and friends) brings the 7 heroes of the “The Path of the Damned” comic books into HeroQuest stats. Heroband,
Leader Sheet format, and 7 individual persons.
– Uleria – Illuminated Great Goddess of Life by André Jarosch tells you why
that title is totally correct.
– Cults of Life by Julian Lord describes the Sex cults of Uleria, including
the Heortling Goddess Hara…
– Love Communes by Julian Lord presents three Ulerian herobands.
– The Glorious ReAscent of Dayzatar´s Toe by Julian Lord is a
Dayzatar/Uleria myth left out by official publications as “The Gloroious
ReAscent of Yelm”.
– The Three Blind Rubble Runners by Brian Pinch is an Eurmali shrine
– The Live-Life League by Mark Galeotti is a heroband of bored Lunars that
search for a new kick…
– Rush´s Bachelors by Neil Smith are a heroband of praxian anti-chaos
– The Remarkable Zorgur Belk, Uzq. by Stewart A. Stansfield is the great
troll gardener of the Vale of Flowers, and detective…
– Walkers of the Straight Path by Alexander Dotor follow their teshnan
heroband of the straight, rather than the curved way.
– The Sun Seekers by Shannon Appelcline are an aldryami heroband, includiung
scenario seeds.

Also available are these Chaos Society publications:
– Tradetalk 4, 9 to 15
– Ye Booke of Tentacles 4 to 6
– Shadows of Pavis, Beyond Pavis, Rough Guide to Pavis City
– MoonRites
– Path of the Damned 1 to 3
– The Widow´s Tale, Eurhols Vale & Other Tales
– Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns

Books of Unspoken Word (grab them while they last… few issues left):
– The Thieve´s Arm
– In Wintertops Shadow
– Wintertop Fair
– Sons of Kargzant
– PaperWars

Tales of the Reaching Moon (some of them are only available in very limited
– Tales of the Reaching Moon 13, 14, 17, 20
– Questlines

Kalikos magazin:
– The Zin Letters 2

– RuneQuest Con Compendium


– Issaries/MoonDesign HEROQUEST
– Mongoose RUNEQUEST