Ok here’s the scoop on this one.  I initially set up Hearts in Glorantha to help reduce the amount of unpublished material sitting on my hard drive that had accumulated over the years. I got some out in Issue 1 , but I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of contributions for issue 2 I wanted to make sure that everything that was submitted was published , which it was.  Next issue I thought I’ll get some articles in, which I will in the form of some Lunar Herobands, but already there has been large number of articles promised. So this still leaves me with over two hundred of pages of scenarios some of which really are too long to go in HiG.

Yesterday I contacted Greg about the possibility of doing a Gloranthan/HeroQuest Adventures magazine, and the Gloranthadad said YES!!

So the plan is to do ‘Gloranthan Adventures’ as an irregular publication. That is unlike HiG I’ll make no promises when it will be out, its a case of “when its done its done”. Issue one and two are pretty much written, but need converting to HQ 2 and cleaning up, editing, art created for and laid out.  I’ve got other projects I want to get out first (Monkey, SimpleQuest, Tales from the Firebird and of course HiG issue 3) but given the amount of work needed I don’t think that July is an unreasonable release date for issue 1. I’m hoping to have physical copies on sale at Games Expo 09 in Birmingham.

Each issue will be roughly 60 pages big, and be completely playable out of the box. In the tradition of the old RuneQuest Adventures magazine (which I was a big fan off) , there will be just enough setting information to run the adventure. I’m looking at following the format of detailing a nearby community, which the player heroes are either from or associate with during the adventure and a gazetteer detailing surrounding lands if needed.

There will be pregenerated characters for each adventure, since most of these scenarios started life as convention scenarios, as well as a Quick Roll guide. The Quick Roll guide, will be how to quickly generate a HQ 2 character that is appropriate to the adventure. I’ll point people in the direction of the HQ 1 or HQ 2 source books, if they exist, for the detail but the aim is to get people up and going with characters ready to play in the adventure.

Unlike HiG I won’t be issuing a call for submissions intially. I’ve got enough of my own material to probably fill the first four issues. After that I’ll see. What I do need is help with the art, proof reading and general checking (making sure it makes sense as an adventure and doesn’t clash badly with Gloranthan cannon). So if you are up for helping get in touch (mrnewt@gmail.com). Any one who helps out significantly will receive both a free print and pdf copy.


Gloranthan Adventures issue 1:New Beginnings
Adventures to start a campaign with.

Men of the Sea
Community: Black Dog Isle
Quick roll your own Pirate
Adventure: Dead Man’s Scrolls
Pregens: The Crew of the White Rose

Community: Vastar
Quick roll your own Imperial citizen
Adventure: The Great Egg Hunt
Pregens: The Heroes of the Red Sun

Quick roll your own Dwarf Workman
Adventure: Snow Vampire and the Seven Dwarfs
Adventure: The Trapdoor and the Troll
Pregens: Workgang 5.

Gloranthan Adventures issue 2: March or be Eaten!
A Troll mini campaign set in Halikiv.

Gazeeter: Halikiv
Community: Blackrock
Quick roll your own Black Leigonary
Adventure: The City of Ironsmash
Adventure: Big birds and buzzing things

After this things get a bit fuzzy. I’ve still got stuff but it will take a bit more sorting out , which is about 50-75% written, but I’m not going to mention it until I’ve got issue 1 and 2 out of the way.

This will happen, since I’ve been trying to get these scenario published for years, and I’ll keep you updated with the progress.