Issue 3 is currently being edited, laid out and art being prepared eta August 2009.

It weighs in at 80 pages and contains the following articles.

  • Poison Thorn Forest, One of the two groups of Dorestor Elves detailed by Shannon Appelcline
  • Within the Poisonthorn, creatures of Poisonthorn by Shannon Appelcline
  • Not Plunder, a series of short flavoursome pieces of equipment by Stewart Stansfield
  • The Dragonsnail a part of the Devil, an in-depth look at these Chaos creatures by John Harding.
  • Statues, two plunder items by John Harding
  • Iron, a look at this magical Gloranthan metal by Jane Williams
  • The Three Legs of Vice, details of  the Imperial Army ‘supplies’ by Stewart Stansfield
  • Casting a Spell – Part 3 of Greg Stafford’s ‘How to do Magic’ series

Undersea Adventures feature

  • We all live in a Brass Submarine, an epic HeroQuest Dwarf adventure from Gemberg to Prax via the Middle sea by Richard Crawley
  • Monsters of Magasta, ten sea monsters for RuneQuest and HeroQuest by Nick Davison.

Cover by John Ossoway.

Issue 3 cover by John Ossoway

Issue 3 cover by John Ossoway