Lots of info coming out of Moon Designs, publishers of HeroQuest 2.

First off the big one. HeroQuest 2 has a world wide release date of July 1st. If you are going to Tentacles, or have a friend who is, you can pick up a copy there.

Second. The Sartar book has been submitted for editing. This 375 page monster of a book covers everything you want to know about the Orlanthi of the Kingdom of Sartar and even finds room for an epic 100 page adventure (which would probably be 200 pages if it didn’t use the new HQ2 statless approach). The author Jeff Richard has very kindly sent me a copy so I’ll be doing a preview here once I’ve digested its contents.

Third. You’ll never be short of updates on Moon Designs’ activity, since its new Creative Director Jeff Richard has started up a Live Journal. Lots more news on what is in the pipeline for HQ2 Glorantha can be found there

Moon Designs Live Journal