Issue 3 cover by John Ossoway

Issue 3 cover by John Ossoway

Preorders have now shipped, so I’m now releaseing Hearts in Glorantha issue 3 into the wild.

92 pages for £8 +P&P for the printed version, £5 for the print quality pdf, available via our Lulu store ( it contains the following articles:

Poisonthorn Forest

One of the two groups of Dorestor Elves detailed by Shannon Appelcline.

Within the Poisonthorn
Creatures of Poisonthorn by Shannon Appelcline.

A look at this magical Gloranthan metal by Jane Williams.

Not Plunder
A series of short flavoursome pieces of equipment by Stewart Stansfield

Wonderous Statues
Two plunder items by John Harding.

Chaos Competition Top 10
Results of the recent Gloranthan Community competition.

The Three Legs of Vice
Details of the Lunar Imperial Army ‘supplies’ by Stewart Stansfield.

The Dragonsnail a part of the Devil

An in-depth look at these Chaos creatures by John Harding.

Uphold the Yellow Standard
Dara Happan morality by Newt Newport.

The Tomb of the Empty Emperor
A D100 ‘Gloranthan Heresy’Adventure by Newt Newport.

Casting a Spell
Part 3 of Greg Stafford’s ‘How to do Magic’ series.

Undersea Adventures feature

We all live in a Brass Submarine
An epic HeroQuest Dwarf adventure from Gemborg to Prax via the
Middle sea by Richard Crawley.

Monsters of Magasta
Ten sea monsters for RuneQuest and HeroQuest by Nick Davison.