Ok as promised here’s a quick update with what is happening regarding D101’s Gloranthan publications (aka Hearts in Glorantha and Gloranthan Adventures).

Hearts in Glorantha #4
Most of the content for this is written and over XMAS I will be comissioning the Art.

I’ve also had a rethink about what I’m doing with the magazine, and that I think is the core realisation.

As of issue 4, Hearts In Glorantha will be a ‘magazine’ not a ‘fanzine’. What this means that although I’ll still be getting input from the fan community and the magazine will remain for the fans by the fans, I’ll be upping the production values. I’m not talking about full colour or any thing to fancy, but simple things like making sure each article has art, has good clear maps and is pretty much playable in one form or another straight out of the book. So this means making sure that all the playable bits; such as keywords, suggested abilities and supporting adventures.

Putting together Gloranthan Adventures #1 has been a really eye opener of what can be achieved with a little bit more focus, and I want to bring that to HiG.

Another biggish change is that I’m dropping D100 support and going HQ 2 only.  Couple of reasons why. Its dead easy to write HQ2 material which contains enough pointers for a savy D100 GM to write their own stats. Also Mongoose prefer to keep any MRQ Gloranthan stuff in house. Moon Designs on the other hand have been incredibly supportive. My aim with this new improved HiG is to work in harmony with what MD is doing, supplementing the Sartar/Dragon Pass/Pavis material they are going to be producing, but also exploring other parts of Glorantha. This doesn’t tie us just to the 3rd Age, we can still write for the 2nd age since my License is for HQ & Glorantha 🙂

So inspirational rant aside what does this mean for HiG issue 4?

Well this is the proposed content’s list.

Mirror shaft hall- background with personalities by Stewart Stansfield
*Blood Red Beak – an adventure for the above

Hellwood Elves- background by Shannon Appelcline
*Into the Hellwood an Adventure for the above.

12 Days’ of Sacred Time -Jane’s Fiction

Thorula -Dr Moose’s Glacier setting
*Ice bound heart- an adventure for the above

Rumble in The Rubble – by Newt Pavis adventure with pre-generated characters, a complete pick up and try HQ 2 with Glorantha scenario, previously run as a demo

All the items marked * are short adventures 10 pages or so to support the articles they are linked to designed to make the mini-settings immeadiatly playable.

I’ve got GA#1 to get out the door first, but I expect HiG#4 to be available around the end of Feb/begining of March.

I’ll do a call for content for Issue 5 after 4 is out,  but if you are interested in helping out HiG by joining a regular staff for the magazine please let me know. I need proof readers, cartographers, writers – who can fill the gaps submissions have adding keywords and adventures. Email me at newt@d101games.com

Glornathan Adventures #1 New Beginings
This is like a puzzle where all the pieces are falling into place nicely 🙂

Setting – Dr Moose has provided me with the oft delayed Balkoth Tribe. This small four clan tribe on the edge of Sartar, with their lands boardering Prax, is ideal for a starting Narator and players (and pretty damn lovely for all you existing Glorantha fans as well). Dr Moose has been putting this together for many years now and has kept to his original aim of producing a playable bit of Glorantha admirably.  Get ready for the Goat herders of

Art- this is being divided equally between Hearts in Glorantha regular Xavier Liobet (how did the awesome Jack O’Bears in HiG#2 and the Sea Monsters in HiG#3) and Moon Designs Art Director and all round working man of Glorathan Art Simon Bray.   Simon did the artwork for the Continuum 2008 Fundraiser Liber Newtus which saw HQ1 versions of three of the four adventures in GA#1 published. In fact Simon’s found three excellent pieces that were left out of that august tome, including this fearsome Vampire.

Adventures – Converting and enhancing the four adventures, which have been previously published (mainly in the limited edition Liber Newtus), to HeroQuest 2 has been dead easy and a joy to do. Now with Dr Moose’s Balkoth tribe as a setting this makes the Adventures so much stronger.

Option to play the adventure using Lunar PCs- Inspired by one of Simon’s illustrations I’ll be writing a short background of how a Lunar Association sends a group of missionaries to convert the clan at the centre of the adventure arc. This means that Lunarphiles will be able to make use of the adventures.