Earlier this week I would have had one word to say after Continuum


Now I will expand that to a short phrase


Which really does need to be in capitals, sorry grammar pedants, to even attempt to express how good Continuum was this time round.

A big cheer to the organising committee and attendees.

I was there running my D101 games effort, so unfortunately missed out on all of Moon Designs and Mongoose’s seminars. One thing of note which I did notice, was the constant stream of Living Glorantha games going on in the room next to ours. Well done to the GMs, John Holmes, Simon Phipp and Duncan Rowlands who ran this newcomer friendly event all weekend, and Lawrence and his writing team who organised it.

I released Gloranthan Adventures 1 and Hearts in Glorantha issue 4 at the con, both of which where well received (2/3 of stock gone) are now available via the D101 web store

On the games front a HUGE thanks to Jane Williams who ran “The Fortress of Doors” and Tim Ellis who ran “Last Seen in Pavis”, which are either in Gloranthan Adventures #1 or future issues, over the weekend.

Finally to a very hot and tired audience on Sunday night, I gave a very quick talk about the state of Gloranthan fandom these days (very healthy in my view) and some of the upcoming D101 releases. Talking of which the audience voted for Lunars over Trolls for the next collection of Gloranthan Adventures (and how the Uz Friends grumbled mightly in a way that would have made Kygor Litor proud at that result), nodded approvingly at the proposed upcoming call for content for HiG#5 and cheered (as loudly as their fatigued state allowed) at the announcement of the Trotsky’s Lords of West/Loskalm Hearts in Glorantha special “The Book of Glorious Joy” which we’ll be publishing before the end of the year. After which as Tim Ellis mentions in his post the Gloranthan Story telling took over the room and then carried on in the dining room after the closing ceremony. Alas by the end of my talk my mojo was spent and I had to retire in search of food and beer.

Overall a fantastic con with lots for Glorantha fans to do, along side a complementary non-Gloranthan series of events/games, which I’ll be back to in 2012.

Oh and one last thing not strictly Gloranthan, but definitely inspired by the mythic gaming weirdness of Glorantha, I released Monkey: The Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West at the con to much gleeful happiness šŸ˜€
See http://d101games.com/monkey for more details.



Heart still in Glorantha (although he may wander else where in search of Adventure from time to time)