As well as Hearts in Glorantha issue 5, I’m looking to get out a book of Jamie ‘Trotsky’ Revell’s Lords of the West material by the end of the year.

This will contain a general introduction to the West of Glorantha, Malkionism as a whole and the rest of the book will contain the background to the Kingdom of Loskalm, its cults, personalities and a Gazetteer. All you need to pick up and play in the region.

Art will be done by the marvellous and talented Peter Town, who did the art for the Jurona article in HiG 4 and of course Mythic Russia.

I feel honoured to be able to put out this, and it is going to be a major Gloranthan release for D101. I’ve already been using the material for a Loskalm campaign, currently on break, and its good solid inspiring stuff. Peter Town is completely revved up to do the internal art (I’ve never had an artist continually pester me for art direction before 🙂 ) While its a shame the book can’t cover all the cults in the setting due to size restrictions, you have however got the core ones specific to Loskalm, Jamie’s done a great update were the ‘missing’ cults get a few lines and their abilities detailed so you aren’t missing any playable bits. In short it might not be ‘offical’ but I’m going to make sure that it rocks as hard as I can make it.

Jamie has more to say on his blog