You encounter a copy of Mongoose RuneQuest 2 in your local gaming store.

Roll a 1D100 and consult the following table

01-10. You remember the Games Workshop RQ3 edition. Look MRQ2 has a core book, a monsters book, Glorantha Guide (hmmmn that was a box set last time, ho hum this is the 21stC) and a Cults book. You buy it because its a big nostaligia trip.

11-24. As above, but you don’t buy it because you already have my old GW books mouldering away in your basement.

25-30. Its not the real RQ2! Its not got the chick with a chainmail bikini on fighting that dragonman! You go back to the bunker and read Cults of Prax for the zillionth time.

31-49. You bought MRQ1, you are not buying MQ2 no matter how shiney and limited edition the core rule books are with their leather covers. Besides you are a militant Vegan, so F**k Mongoose man!

50-55. as above, but OOOOHHH Shiny leather covers. Its like one of your favourite Metal Bands remastering their entire back catalogue and releasing them in special packaging. You buy the books go home have a brew and listen to Iron Maiden.

56-64. You played enough RuneQuest back in the day that you never want to play it again. Besides Greg tells you that HeroQuest is a better representation of Glorantha. You walk away feeling smug and superior.

65-74. You buy the book, enjoy the streamlined and improved nature of the rules over MRQ1. Have fun games with it. Perhaps even play other games and enjoy them too. You are the possessor the Harmony Rune, a rare and wondrous thing amongst gamers.

75-86. You are a RuneLord. At this rank it is a cult requirement to buy MRQ2. You buy it and it sits next at the copies of previous editions arranged neatly in order.

86-100. You are a RunePriest. As above but with the additional annoying geas that I must tell the Savage Worlds playing HEATHENS how ace MRQ2 is.