Couple of previews for Jamie “Trotsky” Revell’s Book of Glorious Joy, for which I’m aiming for a Jan/Feb release next year.

Cover by Jon Hodgson

The Four Malkioni Classes by Peter Town

Full Contents

Part 1. Heroes of Malkion

  • Introduction – Overview of the West
  • Keeping the Faith – Mythology, history, and occupational keywords.
  • The Divine Word – Cults of the west

Part 2. The Kingdom of Loskalm

  • Overview of the Kingdom of Loskalm – It’s history, culture and major personalities.
  • The Idealist Church of Loskalm. A big write up of Loskalm’s religons.
  • Gazetterof Loskalm – A full guide to Loskalm and its provinces.
  • commonly encountered Non Player Characters.
  • The Parish of Haut Ussle -an example community.