Ok here we go a little update thingy for all things Gloranthan and D101

The Book of Glorious Joy – in layout as we speak – slipped slightly but on for a March release 🙂

Hearts in Glorantha issue 5 – content being confirmed now, will announce in a couple of days what’s going to be in Issue 5 and then commission art. April/May release.

From the Ashes – This is a HiG special, made up from content that used to be on the Ring of HeroQuest Narrators website about five years, plus a few new pieces (articles/scenarios) from that period. Not 100% sure of the contents since I need to track down some of the Authors and get their permission, but this issue will be full of story seeds (Heroic Tales), Adventures (The Black Ziggurat in its full original version, and Neil Smith’s The Peace Process) and useful NPCs for your game.