So there I’m on google chat one morning and Jeff (as in Richard Creative Director of Moon Design, publish of HeroQuest) pipes in,”Do you want to see something cool I’ve been working on?”, “Sure” I go. He then drops me an email with a hand drawn map of Tarsh with notes on.

Intially I’m not impressed. “Jeff what are doing? you’ve finally flipped and are sending me your scribbles that they are allowing you to do as Art Therapy in the Chalana Arroy care home.  What is it?”

To which he replies

They are based on notes and maps from Greg that I have assembled in one place.

Greg has pages and pages and pages of notes on population figures. And far more maps than anyone realizes.

I’ve got maps showing the cultural distribution areas in the Lunar Empire and so on.

Heck I have maps of every 50 years in Peloria from the Dawn to 1600.

You can see more of Jeff’s ‘doodles’ here in his post over at

He gives more commentary about the specific detail of the maps, but what does this mean for us fans?

First off this will be going in the Gloranthan guide and other upcoming Moon Designs books. Even if you are not a big fan of such minutiae, I’m big on ambiguity about numbers in my games (how many people live there Newt? “oh lots! about as much as London”), such good solid information is going to make designing credible stories much easier.

Also Jeff’s willing to share unpublished maps with fan publishers. I’m going to be taking advantage of this for an upcoming Ralios book I’m working on (details to follow shortly in a seperate post).