I spend a fair amount of time browsing DriveThruRpg.com.  I’ve a vested interest since all the D101 catalogue is available via that store front.  As a small press publisher its a pretty amazing experience, one which is due to get even better soon as I transfer all the D101 releases over to DTRPG.com’s Print on Demand service, which does very reasonably priced hard covers  unlike Lulu.com.  As a Gloranthafan its a bit depressing.  Amidst the books I can get from my FLGs, cheesecake clip art and the RPG scenery/floor-plans  its mainly short pdf releases for D20, Pathfinder and Savage Worlds.  Quick cheap pdfs of about 5-30 pages in length of varying quality.

I must confess to dipping my toe in the short pdf market with the “Ye Little Books of HeroQuest Fantasy” pdfs, which sold quite admirably and despite me reaching the end of that series prematurely, for various reasons, convinced me that given the right circumstances I’d do it again.

While thinking of doing a Pathfinder supplement (I’ve recently discovered my old school D&D joy and the idea of turning that into something profitable which can subsidise the art effort of less profitable areas of D101 is too good to resist) , thoughts of doing a short  Gloranthan pdf release once a month kept on circulating in my brain.  I had a quick chat with Jeff Richard, as a licensing check and also to pick his brains for ideas and he agrees that given the right type of subject matter it would be a goer.

So if I was to do this, what would you like to see?