Read the lates issue of this online Gloranthan fanzine:

  • Editor Roderick Robertson says the following about this issue:

    Stew Stansfield tickles our palate with not one, but two duck-oriented articles: a plunder item and a character sketch. David Millians continues his prolific Kraloreli output with a look at the Tswo-Shen, the Ghosts of Kralorela. Greg Stafford gives us some early myths about Genertela, and Roderick Robertson gives us a High-flying, low-down-and-dirty Lunar military unit.

    Enjoy the issue!

    And, of course, I’m calling for articles for Issue 9 (August release, deadline for articles is July 21)
    I’d really like to get some more Gloranthan adventures – no need to worry if they are written for HeroQuest, RuneQuest, D&D or My Little Pony – I’ll take them all. Other articles happily accepted as well!