After an age in development I’ve finally settled on the content for Issue #5

Humakt – Chaos Bringer, the Dorastor variant of the cult  by  Loran
Humakti Hyphen , Fiction by  Jane Williams
Ships and their Crews , More Men of the Sea material by Nick Davison
Balkoth Tribe, one of the tribes of Sartar detailed    Dr Moose
Heroic Tales – adventure seeds with three possible explanations.
Dead Man’s Scrolls, a Men of the Sea adventure by  Newt
Interview with Greg
Land of the Five Flowers, Kralori district fit for Heroes by  Newt
The Peace Process, a classic narrative adventure full of twists and turns by   Neil Smith

The call for art has gone out, and if you are an artist who is interested in contributing please contact me at

I’m aiming for a release date in early August.