Quick one for all you folk who follow this blog, is that The Book of Glorious Joy is now done and dusted and being checked at DriveThruRPG.com’s print programme. Which means DTRPG’s POD folk are checking the electronic files, before sending me a proof print of both the Softcover and HARDCOVER version. That’s right folks you’ll be able to get a lovely hardcover version of BoGJ in about three weeks time 🙂

One thing, there will be no pre-order. This is a shame since I had planned various bits of fun for this , but I’ve run out of time. When the books are ready now coincides with me and family moving out of our house for at least three months while an extension is built. I would not have been popular with Mrs Newt if serveral boxes of books arrived just as I needed to be boxing up family stuff (not to mention my sacred Gloranthan collection 🙂 ).