As usual its a bit quiet around here. Fear not that’s all about to change, for the brain has been working overtime and Glorantha has been its focus over the last couple of days.

Quick highlights

The Book of Glorious Joy hardcover print proof arrived from over the weekend, and appart from a few tweaks to the cover (which unfortunately mean another proof and another week wait) it is indeed a glorious joy to behold. Well worth all the layout work I’ve put into it 🙂

Inspired by the arrival of above I’m now working on Gloranthan Adventures 2 Red Sun Rising, a collection of Lunar Aventures, with Peter Town and Xavier Llobet handling art duties, Jon Hodgson on cover and Ben Monroe kicking my ass towards quality on proofing/editing.

In parallel I’m working on Hearts in Glorantha issue 5. Currently its on my editorial desk and much fun is being had reading the quality material for this bumper issue 🙂

My feavoured brain has been working on a way of giving Gloranthan fandom a kickstart, more on this later.

Plus various musings on RuneQuest & what I’ve been upto on the Moon Design website redesign.