Hearts in Glorantha issue 5 is rapidly approaching print proof and I hope to have it out by Continuum at the end of the month.

As a tribute to the first Gloranthan fanzine which I bought issue 5 of Tales of the Reaching Moon “Humakti Special!”, HiG#5 has a Humkati Feature. It has artcles and adventures by myself, Jane Williams, Loran Aillet and Adrian Smith. Now you can join in the fun by answering a simple question.

The question I’d like to ask you all is “Tell me about your Humakti?”.

You can write a quick character sketch, a 100 word HQ character portrait ,or a tale of their most infamous exploit. Let their deeds live on even if they’ve joined their god in Humakt’s Hall!!

Each one that is sent to me at newt@d101games.com  will be considered for publication. Please don’t post them to this list, you’ll spoil the surprise, and keep your piece under 500 words.  The best will win a copy of the soon to be published Gloranthan Adventures issue 2 Red Sun Rising (100 pages of Lunar Heartland setting + adventures) + a copy of HiG issue 5, while two runners up will receive a copy of HiG#5 each.

Closing Date is this coming Sunday July 8th.

UPDATE: Now closed. Unfortunately there were no entries, so I get to keep the prizes! Ok next time I give you more notice 🙂