Roderick Robertson editor of Rule One magazine announces issue 14 Autumn 2012 is now out…..

Issue 14, Autumn 2012
This issue has another boardgame by Keith Nellist – The Nights of Horror, based on the Dragon Pass boardgame; the second part of Gianni Vacca’s Timinits and Trolls rules mofifications for Tunnels and Trolls (the third and final article wilol be in issue 15); Richard Crawley returns with a look at skirmish wargaming with the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset; Chris Bell gives us a RuneQuest 6 version of the 7 Mother’s Cult; Jane Williams delights us with a story about the Three Little Sundomers and the Big, Bad Orlanthi, and finally Andrew larsen gives us an adventure set in a Praxian oasis – the Belly of the Beast, with lots of Brooish goodness.

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