Being off work this time of year is traditionally a time for reflection. It’s a good time to be a Glorantha fan. Over the last four years there’s been a steady steam of solid realises from Moon Design publications, and the Guide to Gloratha kickstarter has seriously raised interest from gamers in the setting. Despite various ups and downs here at D101 has managed to put out Severn publications, with a combined page count of 700 pages 🙂

Here’s what I’m going to get out in the new year.

Gloranthan Adventures issue 2. Red Sun Rising.
The stuff on the Lunar Empire in the draft Guide to Gloranthan + Pavis (Seven Mothers cult write up) has revitalised my drive to get this out. Art has been commissioned all that is left before I go into layout is me to go through and spruce up the text. Eta feb/mar.

Hearts in Glorantha Issue six
The main articles have been submitted and we have a few more extras that can be added as well. Art will be commissioned early in the New Year.

I enjoyed doing the Book of Gloriou Joy, the all in one supplement we produced in softcover and hardcover with art by the very talented Peter Town. So I would like to do something on the same sort scale this year and I have to hand my write up of my home campaign , set in the Eastern Wilds of Ralios. A full country with personalities, local cults, myths, a fully detailed city, and of course a sprinkling of adventures. Look for this one in 2013.