Here’s a recent update on RuneQuest releases that Lawrence Whitaker has made that Glorantha fans might find interesting 😉

Source: Desgin Mechanism forums.

Pete and I are nicely returned from Eternal Con, held in Bacharach, Germany, 17-20th May.

We had a great time.

Design Mechanism hosted its own panel on Saturday evening, which was very well attended, and participated in a second with Moon Design on Sunday. We also had lots of discussion with Moon Design about RQ and Glorantha, which will be of interest to many people here.

There is an incredible amount of interest in, and support for, our work across Europe, if Eternal Con is anything to go by. We sold all the copies of RQ6 and Book of Quests we took with us, and probably lost track of the number of times people asked when Monster Island would be released. A our panel we showcased some of the interior art and the interactive layered PDF map of the island. We were also able to pend time with our good friend Michael ‘MOB’ O’Brien and agree some exciting support work for the game.

As a result of discussions we had at Eternal Con, both in the panels and with Moon Design, there are going to be some changes to our pipeline. I’ve summarised these below.

1. RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha has become a priority. Pete is taking the reins of the project, and work has started on the book. We will be aiming to release it as close to the release of the Guide to Glorantha as possible. RQ:AiG will be the foundation document for roleplaying in Glorantha’s 3rd Age with the RQ rules. It will have complete character creation rules, cultural notes, magic, cults, and so on.

2. RQ:AiG will be supported by our own campaign setting. We’ve hinted at this before, but the one we had in mind has now changed (this isn’t to say we won’t cover the region we’d planned on – we will, but the first campaign will be a different region). More on this as plans develop.

3. MOB will be producing The Fall of Byzantium for an early 2014 release. This will be an epic campaign charting the fall of the city in May 1453 with the characters taking on the roles of Byzantium’s besiegers. It will include full character creation notes, a description of the city, but focus on the events that led to the end of the Middle Ages. MOB’s description was ‘An awesome campaign. But it won’t have a happy ending.’

4. MOB will also be working with us on new Gloranthan material. He’ll be responsible for our first RQ:AiG campaign pack, and we’re really excited to have his involvement. Anyone who is familiar with the Gloranthan RQIII material from Avalon Hill, and Tales of the Reaching Moon, will also be familiar with MOB’s work, so this is great news for us and RQ’s future.

I’m sure people will have questions, so do ask them. Pete and I will answer them as fully as we can, but please don’t be offended if we have to be cagey on a few things.

Our thanks to the Eternal Con crew: Pittel, Eine, Desi, Carsen, Charlotte and Francizka for looking after us and making us feel as welcome and loved as ever. Thank you also to everyone who attended the panels, asked questions and showed their support for Design Mechanism and RQ!