So the MD guys have moved website (and forum) back to Various folk have squarked on yahoogroups. Its very very tedious.ย  Why can’t you all react to this like 15 year olds? Like when Counter Strike 1.4 moved to Counter Strike 1.5 back in the late 90s. It would be much more fun ๐Ÿ™‚

You could all get on get on IRC, I’d imagine it would go something like this:

>Welcome to Gloranthan IRC channel!! ๐Ÿ™‚
>Please note DEVs do hang about here on their lunchtime (or any other time when they are mildly distracted ๐Ÿ™‚ ). OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA is one of the DEVs and VOICE OF GOD on this channel ๐Ÿ˜€
>Please note MOD@Glorantha is not a DEV. Due to previous trolling, this Anonymous user has taken it upon his/her self to play MOD.
>Please play nice and enjoy your stay!
>Users in Channel, [StormTribe] IAMORLANTH, [UZ] MsKygorLItor
>[StormTribe] HumkatBoy_1 has just joined Gloranthan IRC.
>[StormTribe] HumkatBoy_1: OMG thy have changed the website!!!
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: WTF??
>[StormTribe] HumkatBoy_1: They have changed the forumz,
>OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA changes status from Hidden to Visible.
>OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA: Hi there we upgraded to Glorantha v2.0, sorry about the short notice, but it really rocks now. Have funz!
>[UZ]MsKygor_Litor: Short notice, how about no notice asshat! ๐Ÿ™
>[StormTribe] HumkatBoy_2 has just joined Gloranthan IRC
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: WTF! One moment I am playing Glorantha v1.6 and now we’ve upgraded to v20?
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_2: No v2.0
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: v2.0 wat evar.
>[UZ] MsKygor_Litor: yeah and they fuked it up. Its crap now!
>OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA: Hi please take the time to check out Glorantha v2.0, all us devs have been working hard on it to make it the best Glorantha evar!
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_1: No its shit. (waves at HumaktBoy_2)
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_2: I stopped playing Glorantha after v1.2, too many Newbies. (waves at HumaktBoy_1)
>OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA: Isn’t that a good thing more people to play with?
>[UZ] MsKygor_Litor: No suckface, we knew how to play it and didn’t want any new players. And if the newbies they could just suck it up and play v1.2.
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: yeah I rule at v1.2. v1.3 i’m not as good at because you made it crap.
>OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA: Wasn’t v1.3 where we added a ton of stuff about areas other than Dragon Pass and Prax/Pavis?
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: Yeah….but I’m not interested in other areas. I don’t RULE there ๐Ÿ˜‰
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_1: Nice one bro ๐Ÿ™‚
>[UZ] MsKygor_Litor: Stop changing the game DEVS!
>OFFICIAL_GLORANTHA: But we had to improve it, make fixes, heck Glorantha 1.2 wouldn’t even run on today’s computers.
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_2: Don’t care 1.8 was better.
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_1: Listen to HumaktBoy_2 he is right! Except 1.6 was the best ๐Ÿ˜›
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_2: No I do, my Sword is bigger than yours ๐Ÿ˜›
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: That’s it Humakt_1 you are officially out of [StormTribe]!!
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_1: Hey bro chill, that was Humakt_2.
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: Sry ๐Ÿ™
>[UZ] MsKygor_Litor: Devs suck DEVS SUCK MY BIG LEAD BALLS:P
>MOD@Glorathana: MsKygor_Litorย  Stop Trolling!
>[UZ] MsKygor_litor: MOD but I can’t help it.
>MOD@Glorathana: MsKygor_Litor we’ve had this argument before. Using the fact that your user name is actually a ‘Troll’ Goddess allows you behave badly here.
>[UZ] MsKygor_litor: wtf! You are a retard MOD, FUK the DEVS! Fuk U ๐Ÿ˜›
>[UZ] MsKygor_Litor has been kicked from Gloranthan IRC by MOD@Glorantha
>[UZ] MsKygor_Litor has ‘self-banned’ from Gloranthan IRC. Reason given by user’You all suck, Glorantha is retarded. I’m not playing any more :P”
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH: ha, ha, the bitch has been kicked.
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_1, Never plays fair that one,that will teach her to have three cult write ups at once!
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_2, DEVs suck!
>[StormTribe] HumaktBoy_1, STFU NEWB! HumaktBoy_2
>[StormTribe] IAMORLANTH, Yeah STFU NEWB, just download Glorantha v2.0, its what all the cool kids are playing ๐Ÿ˜‰