Well the mad crazy fools have finally done it. Effectively a version of D&D,  13th Age which has huge leanings towards storytelling, for Glorantha is coming.  So you can finally stop being Johny No Mates and run Glorantha for your D&D/Pathfinder chums.  The design team are Rob Heinsoo (4th Ed D&D), Jonnathan Tweet (3rd Ed D&D), both of whom are long time Gloranthaphiles with previous publishing credits back in the Chaosium days, and Jeff Richard (Creative Director of Moon Designs Publications).

If this has you going “Shut up and let me give someone my money” here’s the link to go back it:

It goes without saying that I’ve backed it, and I’ll give more commentary once I’ve settled down and had a lie down in a darkened room 🙂

Here’s the KS video, if you need more of a hard sell.