This one has been along time in the coming, it was started back when the Unspoken Word was still going as a prospective submission, but today I finished off Gloranthan Adventures #2 Red Sun Rising 🙂

Taking advantage of the draft copy of HeroQuest: Glorantha that I got as part of the The Guide To Glorantha Kickstarter, its bang up to date with that rules set, and as far as possible (since HQ:G has Lunar Magic and the Seven Mothers detailed) all you’ll need is that book to play RSR out of the box (although having the Guide will deepen your knowledge and enjoyment).

Here’s part of the the introduction to the book

Welcome to intrigue and skulduggery in the Lunar Heartlands!

Welcome to a tale of the city of Serris played out in four stories. Three of the stories take place in the city itself and the fourth takes place at the very edge of Empire, in distant and dusty Pavis!

This story has a Light and Dark side. Such is the way when Illuminates are involved.

The Light side that shines so obviously in the day is the everyday struggle between the three Associations of Serris for political power.  There are marriages to heal old wounds, sacred sandcastle building competitions, the funeral of a dead heir and the dispute over a placement of the tomb of a Hero King. All these are battle grounds of an ongoing war between the Noble families of Serris for control of the city.

The Dark side of the tale is more subtle and takes place in parallel. It tells of the conflict between the character’s Dara Happan upbringing and their adult Lunar religion. This conflict is brought into focus by the crisis of the heir of the Five Trees of Bounty, Yanis, becoming a Lunar initiate. Now for such a high-ranking Dara Happan Noble of a staunchly traditional Association this is unthinkable. The Five Trees of Bounty, has bowed to the reality of the political necessity by allowing some lower ranking nobles (of which the Heroes are some) become Lunars, but the Patriarch would rather ritually sacrifice his son to Yelm himself, than see him initiated into the cult of the Red Moon. But this is exactly what happens, and it sows the seeds of a crisis. It is part of a great Lunar plot to put Yanis on the Serrisan throne as the Red Sun, a magical ruler who would ultimately take full control of the city in the name of the Red Goddess.  A plot that quickly comes unhinged in ways that even Lord Tarsic the character’s patron and master tactician of House Cadzez could not believe.

Each adventure takes place a year or more apart, and Narrators can expand the narrative by adding smaller events in between the main set piece Episodes that either continue unresolved situations from the Episodes or reflect the politics and infighting between the three associations.

Eta: Hopefully before XMAS, since the intenal art is done (courtesy of Xavier Llobet and Peter Town).

Here’s the wonderful cover that Jon Hodgson has did for it 🙂