HIG issue 8 cover by Dan Barker

HIG issue 8 cover by Dan Barker

Well, I said June for Issue 8, well I’m a big fookin’ liar and my pants are on fire 😀

Other priorities here at D101 Games and the ongoing slow down due to Covid-19 are the reasons for the delay, but I’m still confident it will be out for the end of the year.

When it is available as part of the preorder you’ll be able to order PRINTED copies of HiG 1-5 as separate issues.  Its come to my attention that there is a lot of interest in single copies that people have missed during the original time they were available – especially issues 4 and 5. While I don’t want to make these issues available again on a permanent basis, I’m happy for collectors to have the opportunity to get hold of a copy at a reasonable price form me (rather than the inflated prices that it goes for on eBay or Noble Nob).

If you are interested in registering which copies you are out for, please fill out the following form. If I get enough interest I may even get a small print run done via a Digital Printer, which is vastly superior quality.

Here are the covers of the back issues if you are unsure which ones you not got.

Hearts in Glorantha Issue 2 cover

Issue 3 cover by John Ossoway

HiG #4 cover by John Ossoway

HIG 5 cover by John Hughes