HIG issue 8 cover by Dan Barker

HIG issue 8 cover by Dan Barker

I have a big confession to make here. Despite many convention games I’ve not run a Gloranthan Campaign since about 2010 when I ran a quick HeroQuest game to playtest material in the Book of Glorious Joy, Jamie “Trotsky” Revell’s non-canonical vision of the Gloranthan West.  That was a ton of fun, a sort of Harry Potter Collage of Loskalm for wannabe heroes, exploring the marshes on the edges of the college’s grounds and encountering Viking Ducks! Before we ended up fighting spirits and going a bit investigative in a grungy medieval take on the setting which was more Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay than Glorantha. We took a break from me writing the games and played Pathfinder due to me being in rented accommodation as part of a nine-month house extension. When we got back into the home game, it was a virtually new line up of players for whom Glorantha was a hard if not impossible sell. Plus I’d burnt myself out in the previous decade.

Even before Covid-19, I was planning a resumption of gaming online, due to face to face being currently impossible at home due to my family circumstance. Several of my d101 projects kind of demand long-form playtesting. But Glorantha wasn’t on the radar, and certainly not RuneQuest. Go back to playing a game I moved on from a good 20 years ago, despite a fierce love of it (I had the best years of my gaming life in the 90s running an RQ 3 game damnit!), no way? But I’ve had a winning streak of online games of my D100 systems (OpenQuest / Skyraiders of the Floating Realms ) and that as well as having several members of the Grognard Files gaming community, who are a refreshingly cheerful bunch made up mainly of recent returnees to the hobby who like their games old. So suddenly encouraged by my recent runaway success of getting players for games that I would have struggled at conventions, and heavy interest from a couple of the players (Mitch and Doc) suddenly I have an ongoing campaign.

My current plan is to run a short mini-campaign which started with a convention scenario I have already run several times – A Dry Run in Prax.  Then from there move on my old home campaign of Karia, that was the basis of my 90s RuneQuest 3 game.

Reason for this:

  1. Get the players and me up to speed with the new RuneQuest: Glorantha system. Personally, speaking my head is still in the land of the glorious, but in places fatally flawed, RuneQuest 3.
  2. To work out how the group’s playstyle. Was it going to be gritty-roll-the-dice-and-die wargaming, were each hit point was logged, each hit-location roll significant, that choice of battle magic or a more laid back lazy style of storytelling where there may only be three rolls all session (that, to be honest, is what I prefer).

You’ll see a lot of this in Hearts in Glorantha since I’ve already come up with some ideas for articles as well as the scenarios/encounters we play out as well. In fact, A Dry Run in Prax is going to feature in Issue 8.

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