I’ve finally pulled my finger out and at the eleventh hour, I’ve offered the following for Glorantha Games, the vrtuall version of the Glorantha convention normally held in Birmingham UK.

The Heights of Orlanth
4 players.
Having escaped the massacre of their phalanx after the fall of Pavis, the Lunar Tarsh officers had thought they were walking through the magic mirror in the ruins of the Lunar College of Magic’s secret complex and stepping out in their homeland of Tarsh. Instead, they are somewhere in Sartar, looking up at a massive rock that reaches into the sky that the locals call “The Heights of Orlanth”. One of them helpfully says a quick short cut home is up there on its summit.  The fact that this expert is a duck called Crontas the Windlord doesn’t fill them with optimism. But as elite followers of the Lunar Way they are used to strange magical happenings, and these are desperate times.
No familiarity with the setting, Lunars or the strange ways of ducks needed for this game of RuneQuest Glorantha. Just the willingness to get stuck in and engage with a rather strange set of characters in weird circumstance

I’ve previously run it as a 13th Age Adventure, and it was a complete hoot. I’m running it now as a RQ G game, partly out of curiosity on how it will compare but also because its now the sequel to A Dry Run in Prax, which is a RQ G adventure. Like Dry Run it will be appearing in Hearts in Glorantha #8 (more about that in a different post).