HeroQuest 2 preview pt 2: Character Generation

Ok here we go onto the nuts and bolts of the system, starting with character generation

The chapter starts up with a overview of the sort of Parameters (Setting, Mode, and Premise) that a Narrator can use to set up a game of HeroQuest. This is so the players are on the same page of as the Narrator and also to show the sort of games that HeroQuest can deal with. It might be teaching old hands to suck eggs, but for new players and narrators coming to the game from a more combat orientated game such as D&D it does give considerable food for thought. (more…)

HeroQuest 2 preview pt1: Overview

At last after months of procrastinating on my part, here’s the second part of my HeroQuest 2 preview. Was it really back in October when I wrote the Introduction? My how time flies 😉

I’ve now got the final laid out with art Pdf courtesy of Jeff Richard from Moon Design.  This is the version that if you are going to Tentacles you’ll be able to pick up and will be available world wide July 1st.  I’m still going to still with this being a preview.  I find HeroQuest 2 is a complex beast and what I’m trying to do here is give you a quick run down of what’s in store. I’m going to try keep personal opinion to a minimum, but it may bleed out since I’m quite an opinionated guy 🙂

The basics

A Colour cover (by Jon Hodgson), black and white interior, 130 pages long

Contents of the book (taken directly from Tentacles Pdf with page numbers left in)

Introduction 5
Creating your Character 9
Character Creation Methods 15
Overcoming Obstacles 21
Modifiers 51
Hero Points 57
Relationships 60
Playing Stories 67
Narrating 77
Running Contests 79
Community Resources and Support 87
Gaming in Glorantha 107
Quick Reference 123
Index 127

Layout and presentation: Clear throughout and an easy read as a result.

Art: A mix of Gloranthan and generic art, mainly fantasy.

The main thing about HeroQuest 2 and how you see it is your expectations of what it is.  I struggled with this for a long time and it did colour my opinion of it initially, since depending on what I wanted out of the book on a particular day (us Newts are moody creatures you know) coloured how I viewed the book.


HeroQuest 2 Preview Introduction

This is the first in a series of critical previews about the new HeroQuest 2 rules. I’m fortunate to have one of the play-test copies that were given out a Continuum 2008 since I’ve been on the playtest since the start. This is the version of the game that I will be be ‘reviewing’. This is a simple ring-bound print out of about 150 pages, without art and a simple colour cover – using Jon Hodgson’s excellent cover.

Please note this a very long first post.