D101 Games publishes two Gloranthan Fanzines: Hearts in Glorantha (a magazine with articles and adventures) and Gloranthan Adventures (as the title suggests more focused on adventures).

Issues are available either from the D101 Web store or

I’m currently putting together Hearts in Glorantha issue 7, for release July 2018.

Hearts in Glorantha issue 7 cover by Stewart Stansfield

The current issue of Hearts in Glorantha, issue 6, is now available. .

Hearts in Glorantha Issue 6 cover by Stewart Stansfield

Gloranthan Adventures #3 Defending of the Dark is currently being worked on for release in Autumn/Winter 2018.

Defending the Dark by Jon Hodgeson

The initial run of Hearts in Glorantha ran for five issues , released between 2008 and 2012. These have been collected in a single volume, Hearts in Glorantha volume 1 issues 1-5.


As well as Hearts in Glorantha, I released two issues of Gloranthan Adventures which where compilations of my convention scenarios gathered up into a coherent mini-campaign.

Gloranthan Adventures #1 cover by Jon Hodgson

Gloranthan Adventures #1 cover by Jon Hodgson

Cover by Jon Hodgson

Gloranthan Adventures #2 Cover by Jon Hodgson

Finally as a sort of HiG Special we are able to publish Jamie “Trotsky” Revell’s Book of Glorious Joy, which contained the basic setting information about the Malikion West and the Kingdom of Loskalm. This book is no longer available from me and is currently out of print. You may be able to find copies via ebay.

Cover by Jon Hodgson

Cover by Jon Hodgson